Delivering quality products and services drives the passion and creativity at Krislite, where new and innovative ideas flourish. From conventional lighting systems to state-of-the-art lighting networks, we pursue out-of-the-box ideas to provide our customers with products and services that enhance value.

We also source for quality brands that are in sync with our standards of excellence. As the demand for LED and Fibre Optic products grows, we ensure we are ahead of the industry trend in terms of technology.

The LED technology was re-ignited dramatically at the turn of the 21st century, marked by a breakthrough that allowed the efficiency and light output of LEDs to increase exponentially.
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LED Facade
One of the key developments in the lighting industry in recent years has been the growth of LED Lighting.
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Fibre Optic Lighting is typically utilised for decorative purposes in retail outlets, landscape design and hotels.
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LED Architectural
Architectural Lighting is one of Krislite’s core activities. Aspirations of architects, designers, engineers, landscapers and owners have resulted in a comprehensive collection of high quality lighting products offering lighting solutions for every style and budget.
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Another of our core activities, decorative lighting, is a staple in the space of any home or hospitality sphere. At Krislite, we take pride in offering a selective range of decorative lighting which would not only illuminate, but beautify and liven up your living and work spaces.
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